This is where I will post my tutorials and any tags made for me using my tutorials.
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 Ravishing Beauty

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PostSubject: Ravishing Beauty   Ravishing Beauty Icon_minitimeFri Jul 11, 2014 4:25 am

Ravashing Beauty

Ravishing Beauty Joseca10


Tube of Choice-

Jose Cano Blue - I purchased this tube from PSP Tubes Emporium (PTE) and it is sadly NOT for purchase in his personal store. Please go to and check out all of his wonderful tubes!

Xero- Radiance
Xero- Fritillary
Xero- Soft Vignette

Dsb Flux- Spider Web

Mura's Meister- Copies

Eye Candy 4000- Gradient Glow

Ok let's get started...

Open a 600x 250 blank canvas. Copy and paste your tbe as a new layer. Resize by 75% (if using a larger tube) then go to effects/plugins/mura's meister/copies with the settings below.  Rename to Tube Copies

Ravishing Beauty Mermai11

Duplicate then on duplicate go to adjust/blur/radial blur with the settings below. Change blend mode to hard light. rename to radial blur.

Ravishing Beauty Mermai12

Make the original copies layer your active layer then go to adjust/blur/guassian blur with the settings below. rename guassian blur.

Ravishing Beauty Mermai13

Add a new raster layer- effects/plugins/xero/fritillary- settings below- change blend mode to soft light- lower opacity to 60

Using magic wand click on one of the fritillary lines- right click on layer in the layer palette- promote selection to layer. see image below for how it should look- rename lines 1

Ravishing Beauty Id_web10

Now duplicate 3 times which will give you a total of 4 layers.  rename the 3 duplicates to animation 1, animation 2 & animation 3. Close off animation 2 and animation 3 layers.

Now on lines 1 change blend mode to hard light and lower opacity to 50%.

On animation 1 go to effects/plugins/alien skin xenofex 2/ constellation with the settings below. Repeat for animation 2 and animation 3 layer and remember to change the random seed on each. I normally use 3999 on the 1st one, 6999 on 2nd and 9999 on the 3rd one. ( Only if you want to animate later)

Ravishing Beauty Mermai14

Now paste your tube as a new layer- Resize by 50% (or to size of your liking) then image/mirror. Position to your liking then effects/plugins/xero/ soft vignette with the settings below.

Ravishing Beauty Mermai15

Still on your tube go to effects/plugins/xero/radiance with the settings below.

Ravishing Beauty Mermai16

Add a new raster layer then selections/select all. Selections/Modify/Select Selection Boarders with the settings below.

Ravishing Beauty Ermaid11

Flood fill with the same color as before. Then go to effects/plugins/dsb flux/spider web with the settings below.

Ravishing Beauty Mermaid_Web_Spider_Web_CC14-vi

Now add your credits information then go to effects/plugins/eye candy 4000/gradient glow with the settings of your choice Font color of white and glow color of black. lower opacity so you can still see it but its not over powering.

Now add your name then apply a gradient glow with the settings of choice. Change the colors to one or 2 colors from your tag.

Now if you don't want to animate then save & your done.

If you are still with me then here's how to do the animation.

Open Animation shop then in PSP make sure that animation layers 2 & 3 are hidden then right click and copy merged. Back to animation shop right click then paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP hide animation 1 then unhide animation 2. Copy merged then in animation shop right click and paste after current frame. Repeat for animation layer 3 then save and you are done.
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Ravishing Beauty
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