This is where I will post my tutorials and any tags made for me using my tutorials.
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True Blood Forum Set Irltru10
True Blood Forum Set Rltrue10

This tutorial was written by me on September 4, 2011. It is 100% my creation and any resemblance to another is strictly accidental.

Supplies Needed:

Tubes of choice. I am using the Fabulous artwork of Freya Langford-Sidebottom. You can purchase her artwork HERE! I purchased this tube while she was at PSP Asylum

TB Forum Set Tag & AV by me you can find them HERE!

Ok let’s get started…

Open TB Forum Set Tag and hit shift d to duplicate. Now delete the credit layer. Now click on raster layer 1 then change the background and fill properties to a gradient. I’m I’m using a foreground-background gradient with red and black as my colors. Use an angle of 45 and repeat 3 times linear. Now flood fill with your gradient then go to effects/plugins/dsb flux/ bright noise with these settings: intensity-40 direction- mix. Now go to effects/plugins/tramages/tow the line and use the default settings.

Now close off layers 4, 3,& 1 then right click on raster 5 and go down to merge/merge visible. Now unhide the other layers.  Now grab the black rectangle layer and move it down just a little. Open up your tube of choice then copy and paste as a new layer then position to your liking. Now I’m using 2 different tubes so I positioned this one on the right hand side of the tag. Now if you are using 2 different tubes like I am then open the other tube then copy and paste as a new layer. Now position to your liking I placed mine on the left hand side of my tag. Now right click on this tube in the layer palette then go down to merge/merge down then right click and duplicate. Now go to adjust/blur/gaussian blur with these settings: radius-5.00. Ok now lower the opacity on this layer to 50% then change the blend mode to Screen.

Now add your copyright information and your name. I added a slight gradient glow to my name using eye candy 4000-gradient glow. Then save and you’re finished with the main tag.

Now for the AV we are going to flood fill with the same gradient we used before. Now also apply the dsb flux plugin with the same settings we used on our tag. Now you can either put the tube on here or not depending on your preference. I decided to not put the tube on my av it just didn’t look right with the tube shrug I might just be crazy lol.

Add your copyright if you used the tube and then add your name… Save and your done.
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True Blood Forum Set
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