This is where I will post my tutorials and any tags made for me using my tutorials.
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Sinful Fritillary Armedc10

This tutorial was written by me on August 20, 2011. It is 100% my creation and any resemblance to another tutorial is strictly accidental.

Supplies Needed:

Tube of choice with a close up.
I am using the Awesome artwork of Keith Garvey. You can find his tubes HERE!
Please do NOT use the same tube as me without a license to do so.

Script font of choice- I'm using Brock Script which can be found HERE!
Fat or Bold font of choice- I'm using Badaboom BB which can be found HERE!


Animation by Missy.. You can find it HERE! Also while there check out her tuts and her Templates
they ROCK.

Ok lets get Started!

Open a 600x250 blank canvas. Now pick 2 colors from your tube. Change your background/fill properties to a foreground/background gradient with the following settings angle of 35, repeat 2, and linear style. Now flood fill the background with your gradient then go to effects/plugins/xero/fritillary and use these settings- 10,20,70,120. Rename this layer as Background

Now duplicate this layer and on the duplicate go to adjust/blur/guassian blur with a radius of 3. Now lower the opacity to 65 and change your blend mode to overlay. Rename to blurred background

Ok now grab your close-up tube then click on the background layer copy and paste as a new layer. Now hide your duplicate background layer so you can position your tube to your liking. Rename this layer to Close-up Tube. Now unhide the duplicate background and make it your active layer.

Ok now grab your regular sized tube then copy and paste as a new layer and position to your liking. Rename to Tube layer.

Now add your copyright information. Rename as copyright layer.

If you want you can add a saying or just a one word description. I typed out Sinful using a color of white and Brock Script. Now go to image rotate/free rotate/ left 15. %. Then go to objects/align/center in canvas then convert to raster layer. Now go to effects/plugins/eye candy 4000/gradient glow with glow width set to 5.00 and a color of choice. Make sure to use a color that makes your wording stand out. Rename as wordart

Now for the name I used a fat font called Badaboom BB. Once you have your name typed out go to objects/align/horizontal center in canvas. Now convert to raster and apply the same gradient glow as before.

For those who won't be following me through the animation you can now Save and your done... Explination of how I done the Avatar to go with it is posted after the animation portion.

Now for the animation!!

Click on your background layer making it your active layer. Now copy then paste as a new image in animation shop.

Now open hitman_byMissy.mng and resize by 50% then hit crtl a to select all. Click back on the background layer and duplicate it until you have a total of 14 frames. Click back on your animation and then click on frame 1 and drag down to the right side of your tag. Center it vertically as close as you can. Now click back on the animation then go up and undo drag. Now click on frame 1 again and this time drag it to the left side of your tag and center it vertically as close as you can.

Back in psp close off the background layer then right click and go to copy merged. Then paste as a new animation and duplicate until you have a total of 14 frames. Now hit ctrl a then click on frame 1 and drag on top of the animations and background. Now when you do this you have to make sure to like it up properly or your tag will look funny.

Now save and you are finished.

Sinful Fritillary CSinfulFritillaryAV11-vi

Ok for those who want an avatar to go with this here's how I done mine.

Open a 125x125  canvas and flood fill with the same gradient as your tag. Repeat the xero- fritillary plugin with the same settings as we used on the tag. Duplicate the layer and repeat the gaussian blur. Add your regular sized tube and position to your liking. Add your credits.

Now copy your background and paste it into animation shop. Duplicate until you have a total of 14 frames. Click on the animation and resize by 50% again then drag down and center on your background. ( if you closed out your animation after you finished using it on your tag you will need to resize by 50% twice.)

Now back in psp close off the background layer then copy merged and paste back into animation shop. Now duplicate until you have a total of 14 frame then hit ctrl a. Click on frame 1 and drag onto your background. Remember when positioning to make sure its lined up right. Save and you're done.
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