This is where I will post my tutorials and any tags made for me using my tutorials.
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 Bell's Ringing!!

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Bell's Ringing!! Empty
PostSubject: Bell's Ringing!!   Bell's Ringing!! Icon_minitimeFri Dec 23, 2011 3:42 am

Bell's Ringing!! Kriste11

This tutorial was written by myself on December 22, 2011. Any resemblance to another tutorial is strictly accidental.

Supplies Needed:

Tube of Choice- I’m using the amazing artwork of Bam Bam. Please do not use his artwork without a license. You can purchase his work   HERE!

Scrap kit of choice: I used white Christmas by Mystical Illusionz which you can purchase HERE!

Plugins Needed:

Toadies- Blur ‘em
Xero- Fritillary
DSB Flux- Bright Noise

OK Let’s get started….

Open a 600x250 blank canvas then open miz-pp03 or a paper of choice and colorize if needed then copy and paste as a new layer. Now open miz11-whitexmas-ele51 and then resize by 50% twice then copy and paste as a new layer and position on the right side of your tag. Now duplicate this layer then go to image/mirror.

OK now open up miz11-whitexmas-ele64 recolor if needed then copy and paste as a new layer. Now position behind the 2 bell layers now open up miz11-whitexmas-ele60 recolor as needed then copy and paste as a new layer.

Now open your tube then copy and paste it as a new layer and position it to your liking. Duplicate your tube then go to adjust/blur/guassian blur radius of 10.00 then go duplicate your tube again and go to effects/plugins/toadies/blur ‘em and use the default settings.

OK now open miz11-whitexmas-ele25 or one of choice then copy and paste as a new layer and move it over to the left side of your tag. Now duplicate it and then right click on the duplicate layer and go down to merge/merge visible. Move this layer right above the background layer.

Now open miz11-whitexmas-ele32 then copy and paste as a new layer and then position to your liking on the tag. Now duplicate this layer and then mirror it.

Now click on raster layer 1 then go to selections/select all then back to selections/modify/select selection borders with the settings: inside, border width 10 and anti-alias checked. Now click on each layer and hit delete so it deletes the image in the marching ants repeat this for all layers of the tag. Then go to selections/select none and then click on raster layer 1 again and then flood fill with a color to compliment your tag. Ok now on your background go to effects/plugins/xero/fritillary with these settings: granularity-10, aggression-30, Tesselation- 40, & Variation- 120. Now go to adjust/blur/Gaussian blur with a radius of 2. Now duplicate this layer twice for a total of three layers then close off your 2 duplicates. Now on the original background layer go to effects/plugins/dsb flux/ bright noise with these settings: intensity 65 direction mix. Now click on the 1st duplicate and repeat the plugin and hit mix twice. Repeat for the 2nd duplicate and hit mix 3 times.

Ok now add your credits. Remember to be compliant and do not use a PTU tube unless you have the proper license for it.
Add your name then lets animated.

OK open your animation shop then in psp right click on your tag then go down to copy merged. Now in animation shop right click and paste as a new animation then back to psp close off the original and unhide the 1st duplicate then right click and go down to copy merged. Back to animation shop right click on the 1st frame then go down to paste/paste after current frame. Repeat this for the last frame then save and you are finished.
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Bell's Ringing!!
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