This is where I will post my tutorials and any tags made for me using my tutorials.
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This tutorial was written by me on November 28, 2011 and any resemblance to another tutorial is strictly accidental. This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.

Supplies Needed:

Scrap kit of choice. I am using one by Kittz Kreationz named Gothic Halloween. You can find it

Tube of choice. I am using one by Freya Langford-Sidebottom which you can purchase from HERE!

Plugins Needed:

Xero: Fritillary
Toadies: Blast n’ blur
Alien Skin Xenofex 2: Constellation

Let’s get started….

Open a 600x250 blank canvas and then select 2 colors from your tube one dark and one light. Now change your background/fill to a foreground/background gradient: linear style, angle 45, and repeats 3. Now flood fill your canvas with the gradient then go to effects/plugins/xero/fritillary with these settings: Granularity 15, Aggression 150, tessellation 40, and variation 240. Now duplicate this layer then go to adjust/blur/gaussian blur with a radius of 4 then change the blend mode to hard light then right click and merge visible. Now duplicate this layer again and go to adjust/blur/radial blur with these settings: blur type twirl, blur strength(%) 37, twirl degrees 20, center horizontal offset, vertical offset & protect center all set to 0. Now change the blend mode to hard light then lower the opacity to 50 then duplicate it and merge visible.

OK now duplicate this layer again then go to effects/toadies/blast ‘n blur and use the default settings. OK now duplicate this layer and on the duplicate layer change the blend mode to color(legacy) and lower the opacity to 50%. Now on the original layer of this change the blend mode to darken then right click and merge visible.

Ok now open GH-Gothic Swirl and resize by 50% then position it on the right side of your tag then duplicate it  and go to image/mirror. Now open GH-Lights and resize it by 50% then position it on the right side of your tag then duplicate it and again go to image/mirror.

OK now copy and paste your tube as a new layer then resize by 75% and then position to your liking.

Now click on your selections tool and using your custom selections tool left:6 top:6 right:594 and bottom 244. Then add a new layer then go to selections invert and flood fill the selection with a dark color from your tube. Now selections/select None. Again using your custom selections tool change left:3 top:3 right:597 bottom:247. Now add a new layer then go to selections/invert and flood fill with a light color from your tube. Selections/select none

OK now on your light color outline duplicate it twice and close off the 2 duplicate layers. Now go to effects/alien skin xenofex/constellation with the following settings: click on settings and change it to small star constellation now star size(pixels)- 2.00, size variation- 3, edge star density- 25, overall star density- 0, overdrive- 100, twinkle amount (%)- 55, twinkle rotation(%) 45 keep original image and random seed of choice. Repeat this on the 1st duplicate remember to change the random seed. Repeat on the 2nd duplicate remembering to change the random seed each time.

Add your credit information and your name.

OK now before we move the tag to animation shop lets go ahead and make the AV to go along with it.

Ok now repeat the steps all the way up til where your supposed to add the GH-Gothic swirl. Then open the GH-Gothic swirl and resize by 50% two times. Then open GH-Lights and resize it by 50% two times. Position both of them to your liking. Now open your tube then position it to your liking. Alright click on your selections tool then click on the custom selections tool and use the following settings left: 4, top: 4, right: 146, bottom: 146 then add a new layer and go to selections invert now flood fill with your dark color. Selections/Select none Repeat this except change the selection #’s to 2, 2, 148, & 148 then add a new raster layer then selections/invert and flood fill with the light color. OK now repeat the steps for the animation. Don’t forget to add your credits.

OK now time to move into animation shop. Right click on the top of your tag then go to copy/copy merged now in animation shop right click and paste as a new image. Now back in psp close off the 1st animation layer and unhide the 2nd. Now copy merged and back into animation shop right click on the image already there then go down to paste after current frame. Repeat this step for the last animation layer. Now save your tag and your done. Repeat these steps for the AV. Now we are completely finished..

Thanks for trying my tutorial..
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