This is where I will post my tutorials and any tags made for me using my tutorials.
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Hocus Pocus CharmedCowgirlHocusPocus11-vi

This tutorial was written by me on September 25, 2011. This tutorial is 100% my creation and any resemblance to another tutorial is strictly accidental.

Supplies Needed:

Tube of choice- I’m using the AWESOME artwork of Gary Rudisill. This tube was purchased from PSP Asylum but you can purchase his artwork HERE!

OScrap BlogTrain-October 2011- Scrap by Wicked Creation Scrapz By SueEllen.. You can find it HERE!

Template by Kristin of Toxic Desirez. You can find it HERE!

Plugins Needed:

Xero-Soft Mood
Eye Candy 4000- Gradient Glow

Ok Let’s get started….

Open Kristin_-_Halloween_Template_2.psd then hit shift d to duplicate. Now delete the credit layer then click on the circle layer and using your magic wand click on the large orange circle. Now go to selections/modify/smooth with these settings: smoothing amount and corner scale(pixels) both set to 10 then both anti-alias & preserve corners checked. Now open pp1 or one of choice then colorize if needed then copy and paste as a new layer. Now go to selections/invert and hit delete. Open your tube if your tube has multiple layers pick the layers you want to use then copy merged and paste as a new layer. Position to your liking now selections/select none. Now go to effects/plugins/xero/soft mood: haziness & glow set to 10 then lower the opacity on this layer to 80.

Ok now if you want change the look of your tube if it has multiple layers then copy merged and paste on your tag. Now the tube that I am using is HUGE so I resized her by 50%, image/mirror and then position to your liking.

Now open wcs-element5 then copy and paste as a new layer and position in the top left corner of your tag. Now duplicate this layer and then go to image/flip back to image/mirror. Now right click on the top spider web layer then go down to merge/merge down. Now drag this layer down below all other layers except the background.

Now click on your top layer then open wcs-element12. Now copy and paste as a new layer then resize by 70% and position to your liking.

Now add your copyright information. Make sure you position your credits over the tube so that no one can rip your tube from the tag. Now on my credits I used verdana font set to size 10 color of white. I then converted it to a raster layer then went to selections/select all back to selections/modify/expand and expand by 2. Now add a new raster layer then flood fill your selection with black. Now drag this below the text layer then right click and go down to merge/merge down. Ok now change the blend mode to soft light. Position over a portion of your tube sit that it can still be read easily.

Ok now add you name using a font of choice I used Metal Macabre. I used a large gradient glow using Eye Candy 4000- gradient glow with these settings- glow width(pixels)-8.00, soft corners(%)- 25, overall opacity(%)-100, draw only outside selection checked. Now on the color tab I used 2 different colors I used a dark orange and then black. You can use more than 2 colors or you can use just one its up to you.

Now save and you’re finished.
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